| Wizard – Diablo III
Portfolio, blog and tutorials by world famous American Cosplay girl WindoftheStars, Mel Hoppe. Learn how to make armor and cosplays, with cosplay tutorial videos and more. Enjoy photos of elaborate to sexy cosplays made by WindoftheStars.
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Wizard – Diablo III

Project Description

Wanting to experiment with Terraflex, a new thermoplastic put out by Tandy Leather, I decided that my Wizard build would be the perfect opportunity.  All of the armor is made of this material, with foam as a base and patterns of my own drafting.  The armor is finished with a filling primer, spray metallic paint and acrylics.  The armor is attached with snaps and straps.

The Wizard class is known for their superior attitudes and flair so I wanted to express that through fabric choice and details.  I selected rather rich fabrics such as silk taffeta, organza, faux leather and even several brocades with Christianity symbols to reference the religious themes in Diablo.  I added gold trims, beading, and appliquéd brocade to the waist cincher.  To help keep the leggings up, they were sewn into a pair of dance tights.

The accessories on this costume were the most enjoyable things to create.  For the scrolls I used a cardboard tube filled with expanding foam, then covered in parchment print paper.  I added fabric, trims, and gems for extra details on the scrolls.  The spell book is a book box I bought.  I then sewed a cover for it out of leather and attached it with rubber cement.  The artwork I was referencing didn’t display an amulet, but my in game character did.  So I fashioned myself an amulet out of Terraflex, a custom gem, citrine, crystals and glass beads.

The orb was created with an acrylic ornament and then hand painted.

Project Details

Video Games

Additional Cosplayers Featured

VashFanatic as Demon Hunter

Photographer Credits

We Neals Photography, Estrada, Nerdy Cruz, Surfside Images

Year Made


Worn To

Wonder con 2015 Wizard World Sacramento 2015 Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2015 Anime Expo 2015 Comikaze 2015