| Temari – Naruto Shippuden
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Temari – Naruto Shippuden

Project Description

My friend and I had talked at length about what certain characters from the series Naruto would look like if they were based on places found on our own Earth.  We theorized that the characters Temari and Gaara, who hail from a land covered in a sandy desert, might have garb inspired by Middle Eastern cultures.  We researched into clothing from Egypt, Persia, India and the Arabian Peninsula.  Being that these characters are also fictional, we were also inspired by fictional works set in this area of the world.  However, to help keep the characters recognizable we kept the same color pallets and similar silhouettes as the original designs.

Fabric choice was very important to establish a sense of authenticity so various silks and cottons were used.  A duponi silk was used for the main cloak, which is fully lined, and trimmed in various gold cording.  The belt is silk chiffon with gold embossing, finished with a rolled hem only as to not inhibit its drape.  The pants are a harem style pant made of cotton with an elastic waist.  I added a variety of beaded appliqués to the cloak and belt to help break up the monotony.

The choice to not create a traditional Arabic head dress was deliberate, as I felt Temari’s hair was rather an iconic feature in her design.  I thought that by covering it and thus excluding it would hinder in the identification of the character.  Instead I opted to create a headdress with the optional veil.  To replace the infamous ninja headband, I used cabochon settings which I filled with black urethane  resin and then painted on the sand nation’s symbol.

To create her wig, extra wefts were added to a pre-styled pigtail wig.  The fibers were sectioned off, gathered, cut, and then teased.

Project Details

Anime and Manga

Photographer Credits

We Neals Photography

Year Made


Worn to

Anime Expo 2015