| Lulu Yurigasaki – Yuri Kuma Arashi
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Lulu Yurigasaki – Yuri Kuma Arashi

Project Description

This was one of those costumes that was deceivingly difficult.  Patterning the top was done through multiple mock ups.  The top is a halter made of suiting, satin and poly poplin.  The skirt is a circle skirt that was interfaced and contains two gathered circle skirts underneath for volume.  Bow just snaps onto skirt.  Bear paws are made of faux fur with batting stuffed into a mitten shape.  For the bear feet, several layers of eva foam were glued together, and then had a shoe glued to the foam.  I then took foam and shaped the upper part of the paw, using batting to fill in and shape areas I couldn’t with the foam.  Afterwards I made a pattern off the shape I created, and then cut it out of fur, which was glued to the foam.  To do the claws, a thick craft foam was cut and glued.  Wig is from Arda and is a short one with two clip ins.

Project Details

Anime and Manga

Photographer Credits

Estrada Photography, Joits Photography, Winterwish Photography,

Worn to

Fanime 2015 Anime Expo 2015

Year Made


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