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Borderlands, Borderlands, Borderlands!


As most of you have gathered or figured out by now I’m a pretty big Borderlands fan.  I’ve been posting a little bit of Borderlands stuff everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, DA, ect.  So I thought I would make on big post of it all on here.  One stop Borderlands fix by yours truly.  So let’s talk about some mother f***ing Borderlands shall we?!

Since the sequel came out, I’ve been playing it during any spare time I have (which isn’t much these days).  I’m getting pretty close to completing my first play through and I have loved it so far.  How much? About as much as when you find an orange loot in a chest, so yea, a lot.  I’ll be doing a video of my thoughts on the game once I’m done with the first play though, which should be this weekend.  In other words, expect that video up towards the beginning of next week.  In the mean time enjoy some of the recent Borderlands-ly stuff I have done.

In celebratory anticipation of the game dropping, I fixed up parts of my Lilith, IceManProps made a new gun and did a very small, quick shoot.  We had issues with our memory card that would only allow us to take 30 photos.  So we had to stop after every few photos and quickly pick the one or two that might be keepers.  Oi.  On top of that we shot too late in the day so we ran out of light, and a various other factors that led to a rather pitiful shoot.  Luckily, I did get a small handful of decent photos.  Here are a few of them.


Being the crazy that I am, I agreed to do another shoot at night on the night of the release.  Since it was the day after when the above shoot was done, I got to walk around with Siren tattoos for a day.  I’ll just say I got some interesting looks and questions as to why I had blue swirly body paint on me.  Thanks to our photographer John for the photos.  My friend Charmie Sweets for being my last minute Maya.  To John’s friend Ray for the all the LOOT.  And to my friends Eddie and Tracy for providing lighting, cars, and being pretty much awesome too.  So here is the result of that night!


And to round it all out, have a silly video I did while I was still in my Lilith costume.

The 5 Best Things About Pandora According to Lilith

Of course you can see all the photos of this costume and how I made it here:

Thank you everyone for your love and support! A post about SNAFU con 2012 and The Steampunk Ball coming soon. ;)
See you on Pandora!


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Mel is an internationally know cosplayer, who has won several awards for her costume work. She is skilled seamstress and artist, taking pride and value in the art of crafting costumes. Having been cosplaying for over a decade, she is a valued veteran of the cosplay community.

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