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Greetings Travelers!

I’m Mel Hoppe, or known as WindoftheStars Cosplay.  I’m a costumer and gamer based in Nevada, USA who loves to create wearable works of art!  I’ve been cosplaying since 2004 and I have accumulated a collection of 90+ costumes based on video games, movies, anime, manga, and of my own design.  Myself and my work has been featured on TV, in printed and web publications, and as guests of honor at conventions in the USA and Internationally.  Aside from myself I’ve also made costumes for fellow fans and had the honor of creating a Game of Thrones costume for George R. R. Martin.  On my site you’ll find a collection of all my works, tutorials, link to my shop where you can by geeky goodies or signed prints, videos of my game streams, and much more!  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your stay!


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