| Anime Expo 2014 Report
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Anime Expo 2014 Report


It’s been a while since I wrote a con report! Let’s get to it!

I had the honor this year to be a Cosplay Senpai Guest for Anime Expo.  I had a table in the entertainment hall where I got to see lots of great costumes and meet equality awesome people!  The entertainment hall was really the highlight of the con for me.  Not only did I get a great location to see lots of cosplays, but the cosplay photo sets were stellar!  I even used them myself to take a few photos.  :)


Even though I was stuck at a table for most of the con (such is the life of booth work) I tired to make the best of the con by taking silly photos, per norm.  Luckily I had my friend Lady Staba accompany me and help work the booth.  Thanks Staba! I couldn’t have done it without you.  Here’s a photo of us as Classic versions of Moon and Jupiter.


Princess Serenity DERP made an appearance too!  I had this really sweet girls visit my table and give me this BEAUTIFUL piece of art.  Thank you ladies!


Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me) was at the table right next to me so of course we had to get photos.  My friend brought his ClapTrap so naturally I dressed him up0 as Sailor Moon since this was Sailor Moon Con.  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I PRESENT SAILOR WUBWUB!!!

10513323_1512904358928516_317107458842492090_n10488085_1512832065602412_8659445077184525989_nWatch out Sailor WUBWUB for the Crimson Lance (by Beer Money Props)  Speaking of Borderlands!  There was a huge gathering on Thursday and then I did a loot giveaway at my table.  It was an extra special day since it was the announcement of the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Cosplay Contest.  So there was lots of HYPE HYPE HYPE!!  If you want to enter the contest you can so here:  Here are some highlights from Thursday aka Borderlands Day!


Siren Fist bump three way!! Plus look I found a classic Roland while I was wearing classic Lilith!!

The rest of the con was Sailor Moon con for me.  With the re-release of classic Sailor Moon and the premier of Sailor Moon Crystal there were lots of Sailor Moon cosplays and shenanigans!  I was very lucky to get to share this with lots of my friends that I made from Sailor Moon cosplay.  These girls mean so much to me!  Now on to rain fluffy butts!



CorruptConsiderateBlackbear UglyFlashyBustard


Br1eAD1CEAEtFJN.jpg-large 10523234_10152092051510947_619693088686726160_n 10516879_732255046816638_5553059087307514215_n

Here’s a Sailor Moon cosplay video where you can see our Eternal group!

[youtube url=]

Another Video of our Eternal group singing the english Sailor Moon theme song and being dorks!

Anime Expo was great this year and I’m glad I came back after a three year hiatus! I would love to come back next year too.  Next convention for me is
Närcon in Sweden at the end of July!  So exciting.

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Mel is an internationally know cosplayer, who has won several awards for her costume work. She is skilled seamstress and artist, taking pride and value in the art of crafting costumes. Having been cosplaying for over a decade, she is a valued veteran of the cosplay community.

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